Volunteering in Cardiff’s Southern Arc led directly to establishing Voluntary Community Service (VCS) in 1964.

Chronicle is a two-year volunteering-based community heritage project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Volunteers working on Chronicle are searching through the archives of some of Cardiff’s best-known organisations, discovering the untold stories that have supported the creation of our diverse communities for over a century.

Chronicle has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, Chronicle volunteers are continuing to promote a culture of volunteering by engaging with the past and showcasing the value of community engagement by the actions of the people who helped keep Cardiff moving over the last 100 years.

Using the First World War as a starting point and spanning the years to 2014, Chronicle volunteers are exploring historical records relating to community engagement in archives, museums and libraries across Cardiff, including the records from voluntary organisations.

The Chronicle project will also deliver a series of road shows to record oral stories of past volunteering, workshops, community radio programmes and podcasts, walking tours, an exhibition, and an online archive.

Thanks to our many volunteers and partners who help make this project possible! See the full list of project partners here.

Get involved

We are working to gather documents and put on events to celebrate and preserve the history of volunteering in Cardiff.

Chronicle can help you earn valuable skills in archival research, oral history, digital media, digitisation, public history, and more.

Volunteering with Chronicle can also earn you Spice Time Credits, so you can gain more than just skills and friendships while you volunteer.

If you want to find out more please get in touch.

We’re currently looking for the following volunteers:

Archive Researcher & Digitisation*
Oral History Recording (Film and Audio)*
Oral History Transcription*

*Workshops and training provided

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