Chronicle Blog: Cardiff Campaigns! City Centre Walking Tour

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This post is by Emma Honan, an intern who has recently conducted a walking tour of Cardiff’s city centre for the project.

Emma’s last preparations before starting the tour.

Before I began the walk I was not sure how it would go, my initial reaction was trepidation. I was the type who shrunk at the prospect of delivering a ten minute presentation in class. So the idea of hosting a history walk in the bustling city of Cardiff was a little daunting to say the least.

However, after quite a good deal of rehearsing the script, I began to ease into the idea. The history of the Temple of Peace was a particular source of interest to me, and the more I read, the more I began to realise how politically active the residents of Cardiff have been. I felt proud to be here, to live here and to study here.

The tour stopping inside City Hall.

When the date drew nearer I began to learn more about the city and the hidden gems tucked away, when practising the walk I discovered a statue symbolic of the Greenham common march inside of City Hall. The attendees were fantastic listeners who got involved with the walk making the overall experience more enjoyable.

I feel the few minor hiccups (although inflated to epic proportions of embarrassment in my own mind) made the walk more accessible. It was such a pleasure to deliver the material and I was even rewarded with a hot chocolate by one of the attendees! Perhaps it is a cliché, but I believe that the walk did wonders to my confidence and if I am asked to present in the future, I know my response will be an enthusiastic, yes.

The tour at its final stop on the Hayes.

Emma enjoying her hot chocolate as the tour finishes with a coffee.