Chronicle Blog – Ceren Pugh

The Chronicle’s Volunteer Blog features blog posts and articles about what it’s like to be a part of the Chronicle Project and is written by our volunteers.

This post is by Ceren Pugh, who is a history student at Cardiff University.

I have always had an interest in volunteering, so when I received an email about Student Volunteering through Cardiff University, I was very interested. At the meeting, the Chronicle Project caught my attention as both something interesting, and a boost for my CV. 

As a Sociology and Social Policy second year student, social history has always fascinated me. I have always had a personal and academic interest in history also, studying it up until AS-level. I knew that the Chronicle Project would benefit both these interests, while also being able to research and know more about the city that I have lived in for over a year, and will spend the rest of my second and third years of university here. As the project is looking at volunteering in Cardiff, I was able to use the project as an opportunity to find out about some of the various volunteering organisations, past and present, which I have and continue to find fascinating. 

As I study Sociology, the project has been a great opportunity for me to explore aspects of Cardiff’s culture and society that I would not have been able to do without volunteering. 

Currently, I am cataloging documents about The Victorian Society. Cataloging these documents has improved my organisational abilities, being able to read and summarise many documents in efficient time (very useful for essay writing), and has made me more interested in local projects and the many aspects of volunteering. 

Through the Chronicle Project, I have been able to explore many of my interests, some of which benefit my course at university, and others which I would not have been able to touch upon if I only focused topics within my course. For this, I am very thankful to be a part of the Chronicle Project.