Chronicle Blog: Ceri Stennett

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This post is by Ceri Stennett, a volunteer who has been broadcasting on Radio Cardiff for the project.

The Chronicle local history programme comes to an end Tuesday 31 October 2017 on Radio Cardiff (98.7fm). I have had the pleasure of hosting some 30+ programmes since taking over the ‘hot seat’ in March of 2017.

What fun it has all been too. With the help of Gareth Griffiths, Lucy John and Klavdija Erzen, we have covered a wide variety of topics from Cardiff Castle to Flat Holm Island, Cardiff Parks to Cardiff Boxers and most things in-between. The format has been to talk to guests who have had a knowledge of their subject, but not to make it feel too much like a ‘stuffy’ history programme. Plenty of laughs along the way, and as I say in every programme: “We are going to learn something today.” I know that I always have.

Cardiff is a rich source for history – some of it having an impact on the entire planet – such as when Cardiff Docks was one of the biggest exporting ports for coal in the world and the trials and tragedy of the Blitz periods during World War Two. In our own back yard, we have spoken of the giants of sport in Football, Rugby (Union & League), Baseball and Boxing. Stars who have lived in Cardiff and become established names in the world of entertainment such as Ivor Novello. Every week has been a voyage of discovery and I hope that our listeners will feel that way about the programme too.

Inevitably, there are still topics that we did not get around to covering – but the hard part has been trying to find available people to talk with authority on those topics at a time when we were looking to broadcast the programme. We have tried with nearly every topic to do the programme ‘live’ rather than it being pre-recorded. That way, we have been able to have the spontaneity from our guests (and me as the presenter) – and if there has been the odd stumble – then it has been a case of getting back up and carrying-on. The show has meant to sound like a chat between friends and – I am glad to say – we have made many new ones over the months. Ceri Stennett.