Chronicle Blog – Elizabete Kozlovska

The Chronicle’s Volunteer Blog features blog posts and articles about what it’s like to be a part of the Chronicle Project and is written by our volunteers.
This post is by Elizabete Kozlovska, an intern with the project who recently graduated from Cardiff University.

As a conservation graduate, I have a love for all things old, that includes archive materials. This is one of the reasons why working at Glamorgan Archives make me feel at home. When I first heard of Chronicle, I thought of it as a wonderful opportunity to gain new experiences and try new things, while keeping in touch with my love for heritage and history.

Being a previous intern for Chronicle in collaboration with Santander, when I heard there might be another position for me, I thought of myself as extremely lucky, as I would be familiar with how things work. I already knew of the programme, and wanted to continue as a volunteer after my first internship ended. Unfortunately, being a final year student proved a little too much to handle. Now, during the summer, I am back as project officer, with many new responsibilities.

Apart from archive research, cataloguing and image editing, I also participate in workshops and events, such as walking trails throughout Cardiff. Now that Chronicle is collaborating with Radio Cardiff, I oversee finding guests for radio programmes, which, truth be told, at first made me feel terrified. Now, four weeks in, this fear has subsided, I have become more outgoing and confident.

A contribution to my growth in confidence are the radio documentaries we are creating. Not only did I have a chance to practice my love for writing, but also, I learned how to create a script that includes transcripts and quotes. Narrating one of the documentaries shall be one of my greatest challenges, and greatest success if it all works out!

Interning at Chronicle has given me more than just an extra line in my CV. It has made me learn things I never even imagined learning and overcome my fears and occasional shyness. I had never thought about working for a radio, as cultural heritage has always been my cup of tea, however, having been in the busy and vibrant atmosphere of Radio Cardiff, I must say it makes you feel very alive. The whole project demands creativity and dedication, which I am happy to give, mostly because of the dedication this project shows to its volunteers and interns alike. I am extremely grateful for working with the wonderful people of Chronicle, and I am convinced that our efforts will bear magnificent results!