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Our young volunteer, Ellen, took over our twitter for Kids in Museums’ Teen Twitter Takeover Day.  Here is a blog about her day:

I hadn’t heard of Kids in Museums or their Takeover days until just a few weeks before the Twitter Takeover Day which was held on the 12th August.  When I was asked by VCS Chronicle, who I had started volunteering for only a month before, to take over the project’s Twitter for the day, I willingly said “yes”!


The day started in Cardiff University’s Special Collections Library, where I had a quick introduction to Twitter, which in all honesty I had only used briefly once before, and then I started to get stuck in to the tweeting.


I started with an introduction post, explaining who I was along with my age, Kids in Museums kindly shared this post alongside many others, which I had scrolled through, fascinated about how many teenagers had taken part.


I carried on with the work I would normally be doing, taking a few snaps of things that caught my eye and thought that it would be interesting enough to share with others.


The most popular of my tweet of the day was when we started the conversation of hands and how dirty they get through handling so many old pieces. Captioned “Every archivist can relate” the tweet earned 11 retweets and 10 likes.

My most popular tweet of the day!
My most popular tweet of the day!

After lunch, we headed over to VCS Chronicle HQ, also known as Inroads, taking a cheeky selfie on the way, to attend our monthly meeting, with strawberries and cream!

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All in all, the day was a good experience, connecting to other teenagers who have the same interest in museums that I do, and getting to share my daily finds while volunteering which I hadn’t been able to do on my other social media until now.


Hopefully the link to the VCS Chronicle Twitter page will be attached to this blog, I urge you to look through the fascinating work the project has done.

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