Chronicle Blog – Gareth Griffiths

The Chronicle’s Volunteer Blog features blog posts and articles about what it’s like to be a part of the Chronicle Project and is written by our volunteers.
This post is by Gareth Griffiths, one of our new interns who is working on the Cardiff Chronicle radio show and the Chronicle Project.

I have been a volunteer at the Cardiff Chronicle since March of this year. I discovered the opportunity through my university’s career service, where it was advertised on a job board. I was looking for a chance to gain insight and experience in the media, as this is the trajectory I hope my career to take. Moreover, the Chronicle compounded my aspiration to enter the industry with my love of history and learning, as every week we interview members of the local community and experts on local history. On top of what I have learned about production, I have learned an invaluable amount about the history of Cardiff, too. The experience has been enriching, rewarding, and has changed the way I look at the city in which I live.

The Cardiff Chronicle has offered an excellent means for me to gain said experience in the media, with all aspects of radio production. Since the Chronicle (and Radio Cardiff on which it airs) is primarily run by volunteers, we do a bit of everything. My roles have included producing the Chronicle, finding and booking guests – experts and local history buffs – for the Chronicle show. However, I have mainly engaged in editing the show for podcast form. Not only has the Chronicle given me experience in using editing software, but it has taught be me instrumental skills in editing and managing content for online upload. In addition to this, recently I have begun hosting shows. Admittedly, this was not in my original remit, as presenting and interviewing was not something I originally aspired to do. However, the Chronicle has allowed me to leave my comfort zone and since I have gained a greater confidence in public speaking and presentation. On top of that, I am also learning how to use the deck in the recording studio – yet another skill that I otherwise would have had to have spent perhaps hundreds, even thousands of pounds learning in a college or university.

Recently, I have started a paid internship with the Chronicle and VCS Cymru in conjunction with Santander that will last approximately 6 weeks. Under my new remit as intern, not only will I be covering my prior roles and responsibilities in the Chronicle in an extended capacity, but I will also be performing new roles and new actions under the wider Chronicle project. I will be heavily involved with producing new radio documentaries about the history of Cardiff, including the training of other volunteers in creating the documentaries, writing, researching, and producing said documentaries. I think that on top of the incredible experience this internship offers in the production of media, communication skills, team working, and training, it is also important that the internship is paid, as I believe that regardless of your experience or standing, labour should be compensated. I do not think that I would be able to carry out my work or learn as much as I am without the support of the Santander internship opportunity.

Overall, I feel that volunteering at the Chronicle has been an amazing experience. I have met a wonderful variety of people from around the community. I have worked with brilliant, hardworking, and kind volunteers. Additionally, I have gained a significant footing in a field in which I would one day love to work more. I look forward to a continuation of all of these things as well as the new challenges and experiences VCS has to offer. I would advise that anyone who loves local history, or wants to get a leg up in the media, or just wants to meet and work with excellent people should definitely enquire about a volunteer position here.