Chronicle Blog – Holly Thomas

The Chronicle’s Volunteer Blog features blog posts and articles about what it’s like to be a part of the Chronicle Project and is written by our volunteers.

This post is by Holly Thomas, who is a postgraduate history student at Cardiff University and joined the project this autumn.

As an MA History student at Cardiff University, I joined the Chronicle Project because I was looking for some work experience to boost my CV ready for when I complete my course next September. When I read into the aims of the project, I found that it encompassed a wide range of skills that would compliment the skills I am aiming to develop at postgraduate level and for future career prospects.


Together with this, the aims of the project were incredibly interesting and inspiring.  Currently in the project, I am working on cataloguing documents from The Makers Guild in Wales. Cataloguing documents has given me a huge insight in to working closely with primary sources, learning about Welsh culture and developing my skills in digitisation and archiving.


As an aspiring historian, working with primary sources is an invaluable experience and I believe that regularly inferring primary material will benefit my essay writing and analysis in my MA History course and contribute to making me a more well-rounded historian. Together with improving my skills as a historian, I have always been interested in local history and culture and, as such, getting involved in a local project was something that was very appealing.


I have always recognised the significance of making history more accessible to the wider community, and for that reason I am privileged that I am able to have a role on this project. This project has made me appreciate volunteering in the wider community more so than I did already, opened my eyes to the amount of voluntary organisations in Cardiff and be extremely grateful for the hard work of volunteers and their organisations.


The Chronicle Project has allowed me to focus on some key skills I wanted to develop and allowed me to apply my interest in social history to a city that thoroughly enjoy living in!