Chronicle Blog — Laura Woods

The Chronicle’s Volunteer Blog features blog posts and articles about what it’s like to be a part of the Chronicle Project and is written by our volunteers.
This post is by Laura Woods, a student on a ten week placement with the Go Wales Program at Cardiff University.

My name is Laura Woods. I am a second-year English Literature student at Cardiff University. After my degree, I am hoping to progress into a career in research, so when I found out about VCS Cymru I knew it would be a good opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience. I also liked the idea of doing my work placement with VCS Cymru because of its involvement with so many different projects that have helped the community of Cardiff since its creation in 1964. So, although my work placement will enable me to add some work experience to my CV, it will also give me experience in the charity sector which will also prove valuable once I leave university.

The expectations of my 10-week work experience at VCS Cymru has already been met within the first week! I have so far developed my knowledge and skills required for a researcher’s role once I graduate. I have done this by learning how to conduct archive research within the Glamorgan Archives search room by digitalising historic documents. I was even given a behind the scenes tour of the Glamorgan Archives which was very interesting as I learnt about the process of taking a document and repairing it so that it could be stored securely for the public to view. Additionally, I have also developed my skills by assisting with the organisation of VCS’ own archives. It has been a pleasant surprise to have learnt so much about Cardiff’s rich history during my time at VCS Cymru which I might have remained oblivious to if I hadn’t taken this opportunity.

I am certainly looking forward to the rest of my work experience!