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This post is by Kayleigh Williams, an intern for the project, who recently appeared on Radio Cardiff.

If you had asked me in November when I joined the Chronicle Project, “would you like to be on live radio?”, I would have said, “Probably not!”. But yesterday afternoon, I was sat in the studio at Radio Cardiff answering questions on live radio about a documentary I had helped to create.

In July, the Chronicle volunteers and interns worked together to create four radio documentaries. All of these were designed to draw upon the vast amounts of information the project has collected concerning the history of volunteering in Cardiff. The documentary I worked on explored the history of grange gardens and the Marl, two parks located in Grangetown, Cardiff. A lot of work was needed to create this documentary. I helped with the plans and writing, assisting my colleague Gareth (who, if I’m being honest, probably wrote more of it than I did!) Once the script was finalised we organised volunteers to provide voices for the documentary recording. Once the recording was completed, Gareth put the entire documentary together and prepared it for live broadcast on Radio Cardiff’s airwaves.

Yesterday afternoon before and after the documentary was aired I appeared on radio with Mary Newman (VCS) and Ali Abdi (Cardiff Community Gateway Project). These two had aided the project earlier this year by participating in oral history interviews and their voices featured in the documentary. It was lovely to see both again, and hear even more stories about the history of Grangetown.

I was quite nervous about appearing on live radio, it would only have been too easy for me to say something wrong. But with the company of Mary and Ali, and our fantastic radio show host, Ceri, the show was a success and the documentary was well received!

If you weren’t listening to Radio Cardiff yesterday, then you can hear the documentary on the link below:

In the weeks to come there will be more documentaries, covering Charles Street (Cardiff), community arts and Baseball. So make sure you tune in to Radio Cardiff at 1:30 pm next Tuesday, you never know you might learn something new!