Chronicle Blog: Riverside Festival in full view

The Chronicle’s Volunteer Blog features blog posts and articles about what it’s like to work on the project and is written by our volunteers. This post is by Elizabete Kozlovska, one of the project’s interns, and is about Chronicle’s participation at the Riverside Festival on 20 August 2016. You can read her other blog posts here.


This week VCS had the wonderful opportunity to take part in Riverside Festival:  An event created by Communities First. The organisation’s anti-poverty program encourages community involvement and helps disadvantaged communities by focusing on health, education and prosperity.

The event took place in Riverside Warehouse, only a few minutes away from Inroads Community Centre. Despite the capricious weather conditions, plenty of people ventured through the stalls, both outside and inside, to enjoy international food, take part in creative activities, and discover new societies and groups from the area.

VCS came prepared! Children absolutely adored our photo frame activity and the colourful props, while grownups shared their experiences of voluntary work around Cardiff. We also had our volunteer tree ready and waiting for people to fill it up.

The variety of people who shared their stories with us was incredible; people of all ages and walks of life, and in a volume that exceeded our hopes and expectations. We appreciate every single one of you who approached us and agreed to speak about your past – it is not always an easy task. You have helped us build a rich and diverse history of volunteering in Cardiff, from music teaching to wartime aid, from caring for pets to animal rescue. Thank you finally to the organisers, whose tireless efforts made all of this possible.

History is so often static, trapped in amber. It is a privilege to see it come alive.