WRVS uniform  –  Mrs Valerie Joy

Mrs Valerie Joy gave her time and effort for more than 40 years to the WRVS and in particular, to HMP Cardiff where she ran the visitors’ tea shop twice a week for over 38 years. She sorted and distributed clothing, taxied children from poorer areas to farms and seaside families, worked in the offices in an administrative role and ran the sweet shop in the Cardiff Royal Infirmary in the evenings. But her main love was for Cardiff prison.

Mrs Joy never asked for expenses to be remunerated or for her time in any way to be rewarded other than in knowing she had helped those less fortunate – an ethos she has imbued in her three children and two grandchildren.

When her husband died in 2001, Mrs Joy continued her work at the prison without break and continued to attend to the tea shop twice a week, Wednesday and Fridays, without fail. She retired from duty when the shop was taken over by another supplier.

Mrs Joy was invited to attend the Cardiff Castle Centenary Garden Party, 2005, hosted by the Lord Mayor, as a direct result of a nomination via the South Wales Echo appeal for guests who had contributed to the local community.

She was awarded a 20 year long service medal by the WRVS.

WRVS volunteering record:

Mrs Joy was a member since 1970 including:

7 years WVS administration, clothing sorting and distribution, taxiing children;

20 years Cardiff Royal Infirmary evening WRVS shop, two evenings a week;

10 years Rookwood Hospital WRVS canteen, one morning a week;

40 years HMP Cardiff tea-shop, both WRVS and independently, two afternoons a week.

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